About US

We would like to share some information with you on behalf of Brandedpoint.
1. Consumers, before purchasing a product, are unable to identify whether the product is original
or duplicate.
2. In our world, there are only a few companies that follow the standards and produce high quality
products for consumers. Such companies will be considered as ‘brands’ by the consumers.
Unfortunately, the products of these brands have many replicas and duplicate products. Some
companies who just want to earn money manufacture these duplicates and the customers find
it difficult to get the original product. Thereby he/she is receiving fraudulent products that
would become useless in a matter of days.
For this reason, we have created a website: www.brandedpoint.com – where we have tried to
include all the major brands and companies under one roof. As a result our visitors can get
access to thousands of legal brands from one place.
3. In Branded Point, we will only add the legitimate website URLs of the branded companies and
our visitors can find the original logo, images and consumer policies to verify that the particular
brand is original. This ensures that one can get original products on their desired category
without any hesitation or doubt. Further, this helps in the eradication of duplicate products
from the market.
4. If there are brands, which would like to get involved with our revolutionary legitimate access
formula, then all it requires is registering as a brand in www.brandedpoint.com.
5. We are welcome for any feedback given and you can contact us any time with suggestions.
Note: We have included logos, images and products of many brands across the world. If your brand is included and if you feel that it is offensive, please inform us; we will remove the particular brand or make modifications according to the desires of the company. If there are any grievances or suggestions, please get in touch with us. We are available 24/7 for our brands and customers. To
get in touch directly, we are furnishing our complete address